Prepaid Credit Cards in Germany,Holland,Belgium and United Kingdom

Published: 02nd August 2009
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Prepaid Credit Cards in Germany, Holland, Belgium, and United Kingdom are not so widely

used and known as the "normal" credit card and Debit Cards from providers like MasterCard,

Visa and American Express.

Credit Cards and Debit Cards: what is the difference ?

The Credit Card is a facility the bank gives the cardholder to spend money to a limit and

charge the customer afterwards. Most banks ask for a proof of income and address besides

a copy of passport, drivers licence or ID card and utility bill. This card can be used worldwide

everywhere it is accepted.

The debit card does not have a credit limit so the cardowner must preload the card with cash

before it can be used. Debit Cards are also known as prepaid cards. Because this cardtype

has no credit facility you do not need to give a proof of income .

The biggest names is this branch are MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Maestro.

What is a Prepaid Credit Card ?

Simply said: a Prepaid Credit Card is a credit card without the credit facility. It is also called

a secured card. The cardholder must upload cash on the card before using it.

Prepaid Credit Cards in Germany

In Germany the Prepaid Credit Card was introduced for teenagers from 14 years and older,

off course with the parents permission.

The XBox Prepaid Card to spend money online was then introduced and the New Yorker

Dress Card by this fashion retailshop.

Prepaid Credit Cards in Holland

Prepaid Credit Cards are not used because the Dutch have a sytem known as the PIN

( Personal Identification Number ) transaction. When you pay with your bankcard and pincode

the retailer pays a fee. The use of the regular credit card is low in the Netherlands. One of the

reasons is that the Dutch have a bad credit system ( called BKR ) all banks and credit

providers have access to. When registered your application for a credit card will be rejected.

Prepaid Credit Cards in Belgium

Like Holland the Belgians are not familiar with Prepaid Credit Cards. The systems they use

are called Mister Cash and Bancontact. The payments are done with a PIN number just like

in Holland.

Prepaid Credit Cards in United Kingdom

Unlike Germany, Holland or Belgium Prepaid Credit Cards are more widely used in the United

Kingdom. To apply for one you have to live in the UK so these cards are limited to one country.

Is there a Prepaid Credit Card you can apply for in any European country ?

Yes, since 2009 it is possible to get a Prepaid Credit Card from any country in Europe.

Information about Prepaid Credit Cards

how to apply for it and other Bank Cards.

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